Route Card - Cost for External Labour


Our scenario is like this.

We have our own staff working in the Factory for Production orders and we have External Labours whom we have hired on a Hourly basis.

We have created each External Employee in HR as CONTRACTOR and assigned the Vendor name in the relevant field too.

We are inputting the Rates of each External Employee in the Projects - Setup -Prices COST PRICE (HOUR)

While in the Route Journal, once we select the Employee (whether Regular or Contractor), System retrieves, this rate (Customised) and we are posting it.

First of all how shall i configure the Financial setup for the Routes for the Rental employees

Also I am interested to know the hours spend by each External Employee on each Production Order, so that at the end of the month when the Vendor sends the Invoice, I can reconcile it with the time spend by each Labour.


Thomas Philipose

Set the resources with cost categories configured to different ledger accounts for the financial setup.

As for the spend you could put them all in one group and looked at the posted route transactions - export to excel and sum the time by resource. Or write the report you want :slight_smile:

thanks Adam,

Please clarify what you mean by Group?

Do you mean Route Group?


Thomas Philipose

I mean resources group - which would be for all external resources - you would then see them all on one click.


Is it possible to associate all external Employees to a single RESOURCE GROUP?


Thomas Philipose

Yes if it does not restrict anything else you want to do [:D]

Please tell me how to associate the Employees to a Resource group

You need to create them as resources, as you would to add them to a route, then add them into the same resource group - no different from your internal definition, just in a different group.