Rounding with unit of measure conversions

I seem to be missing a trick with unit of measure conversions. When you use these in combination with item tracking a rounding issue occurs preventing any receipt other than an integer. For example: A product is stocked in PCS and purchased in pallets. there are 975 PCS on a pallet. I order 0.5 pallets which is 487.5 PCS, but you can not assign a batch number to 487.5 pieces. Is there someway of parametising that it should round up to 488 or down to 487? This is an exaggerated example and in reality the rounding is small decimal places such as 14.99997 instead of 15 but it still causes the same issue. Any ideas. Thanks.

There is a known bug in 3.60, where it assumes wty is integer, check with your NTR for a hotfix or else enable the debugger, you will see where the error happens, it is a variable that needs to changed to decimal.

Thanks. Just checked it in 3.70 beta and that received the correct decimal value into stock. However, I still think there should be a rounding function as I don’t really want to put 14.99999 or whatever into stock! One for the suggestion box I think.