Rounding rule values in AX 2012

Hi everyone,

I’m curious about the filed “Roundig rule” in currency setup. I frequently see the input value as 1.00 or 0.01.

I’m not sure what excatly it means. How about if i put it as 0.02 what will be happen? Could anybody give me some example

Thank you

This value would be used at the time of Currency Conversion.

The rounding rules are applied to numbers when calculations are made in the relevant currency. The numbers are rounded to the degree specified.

e.g. Assuming a number of 1.2345 …
… a rounding rule of 0.01 would result in 1.23;
… a rounding rule of 1.00 would result in 1.00;
… a rounding rule of 0.02 would result in 1.24