Rounding question

Hi all! I need some advices here before doing modifications: In the ban account reconciliation, in the Control info Tab, the field Currency factor is cnfigured to manage only 2 decimals after the . That field allows to do conversions between one bank account into anther foreign currency to convert the US amount for comparison with another amount which is in the local currency. When I have an account that is in millions , the rounding of the conversion factor create something which is not good. To do correction, I would like to change in the form proprieties tha field “Decimalplace” to be able to put a higher number of decimals. Does it sounds good? Is it a good decision and what could be impacts? Thanks

Hi Shanna I am not really sure where you are or what you are trying to achieve, but have you had a look at the currency record and the variety of rounding percisions set for each individual currency?

Shanna, please don’t ever change the Navision default decimal places though the designers. You can seriously damage your data.

HI David! I doesnt want to change the settings through the designers , I was wondering what could be the impact if someone is doing that? Instead of having 2 decimals after the . , how can I change that setting to have let say 3 or 4 decimals? Thanks

OK thats a lot clearer. You mean what would happen for example if you set USD to have 4 decimals in the currancy setup. Well if you did that you will cause lots of different rounding issues. Rounding of currencies is prettty complex. (Take a look at triangulation in Navision if you want to see how comlex it gets, or the tool to convert a DB to Euro.) In the end though what matters in your case, is what happens to the rounding errors. If you are using dual currencies, then the differences are posted as entries to the Alternate account. If you set up currentcies to have the wrong no of decimals, (i.e. too many), then these differences may not be generated. What will happen then is you will have amounts of $0.0027 on accounts, and you will have difficulty closing these out. Basically in th eshort term it may look like a neat solution, but in the long term it isn’t in any case, no matter how many deciamls you have there will allways be rounding differences. But why not set up a test database and try it out. Run though all the steps, Set up a USD to CAD like 1:0.75 (that would be 1.3333) that will give ou lots of rounding issues, and try scenarios. The only way to learn Navision it to use it try it, delte the DB and start again.

OK! I understand . Thanks