Rounding Query

Here’s my problem : On a Sales Invoice I select any Item and I type : 9.24/1.16 in the “Unit Price” field I get 9.25 as Amount Inc VAT but I would like to see 9.24 there. I believe its a set up thing, does anybody know which rounding set up fields I should update ? For Infos : Qty = 1 VAT% = 16

Hi Terek I would guess this is down to the invoice rounding precision, as I presume this is set to 0.01, giving your resultant unit price 7.97 which with the applicable VAT rate gives you 9.2452 and thus the VAT is rounding to 9.25. If the Invoice rounding precision (GL Set-up) was 0.00001 you would get your 9.24 (displayed to 5dp??[xx(]), however this will have obvious implications everywhere in sales so I suggest you look at this carefully. It is also better than adjusting the VAT rounding type as well I suppose. I hope this helps.

Thanks Steven but I’m going to avoid that route. Any other alternatives [?]

Well presuming you have explored thE differences in the rounding methods of invoice and VAT (nearest, up and down), then the only real alternative is to build your own rules in through a modification. This therefore moves out of my realm of experience (know your limitations!). But good luck! [:D]