Rounding Problem

Hello ! All, We got ‘Rounding problem’ in Navision. I have mentioned steps we followed for transactions. It does post USD 20000 GL side but posting in Value entry. Does any body faced the same problem ? Pls. let us know if anybody had fixed the same. Step 1: SET Additional Reporting Currency := USD in GL Setup Step 2: Inventory Setup Costing Method := FIFO. Step 3: Do any purchase in USD with Quantity 2000.011 (only one item is there in PO) Step 4: Assign Item charges in USD (Amount 20000 USD). Step 4: Distribute the Item Charges to newly posted PO. Step 5: Check the Value in Value Entry table for field “Cost Amount (Actual) (ACY)”. System is showing ( instead of 20000. regards, Bimal

Hi, Pls. check the Invoice Rounding Precision for the USD in currency table. I think u will get the answer of ur query.