Rounding off & Decimal Precision Issue

Hi Pioneers,

In Ax2009, Production module, I have the facility to enter the BOM quantity as 0.0003 (upto 4 digits), now my question is that, as per my requirement, I need to increase it to 6 digits, for example 0.000003. Is it good practice to change the decimal precision in form level in ax 2009 ?

When I enter 0.0003, then system automatically roundoffs to nearest value 0.000 & when I enter 0.0006 then the system roundoffs to nearest value 0.001. May I stop this facility / functionality in ax 2009 ? How can I stop ?


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You should check the extended dataType of your Bom qty field and mofiy it to have 6 digits precision, AX round values based on the extended dataType precision.

Hope it helps, please verify the solution if it solves your problem.



Thank You Sir, for your prompt reply and how can I stop this functionality reg. RoundingOff to the nearest digit ?

Please reply me sir

You can stop roundoff by giving a display lenght on the field that display your values, the display lenght is managed in the extended datatype, you can also set a display lenght directly in the form field that displays the value.



Thank you sir for your prompt reply…but I am unable to get. Please brief which field property do I need to change / modify ?

In each numeric extended dataType, you have a displayLenght property

in form numeric controls, you have the same property

sorry but I can’t be more precise



In AX2012, I have some sort of the same problem. To explain, let me give an example:
BOM for Item A0001 consist of a single BOM line item Sympax (Qty:0.5; per series: 1), When i view the BOM of Item A0001 from the BOM designer form, the BOM line item Sympax’s quantity is shown as 1 but not 0.5. I am not able to figure out the reason this ? any insights

In your case Sridhar, I would check the decimal precision of the unit of measure of the item Sympax

Hi Bikku, wouldn’t be easy to change the unit of measure of the item? Maybe the item is purchased in Kg but used in production in mg, so using the appropiate unit of measure for each process will simplify this situation.

As an example, Bikku001 is an item created with Purchase, Inventory and Selling unito of measure =Kg; but BOM unit=mg

Bikku002 was created with all the unit of measures =KG

When you place the item in the BOM lines for Bikku001 you will say, 1.000 mg per series of 1

While for Bikku002 you need to say, 0.0001 per series of 1

So in the first case, with a better use of the unit of measure, you avoid to use decimal places, and if they are neccesary, you will have more precission.

In the second case you need to use all the decimals, and if you need more, there is no other option but to change the field with the developer’s help

It doesn’t matter if the item already has transactions you just need to change the BOM unit in the References tab of the item. And then manually change every BOM that uses it.