Rounding off all Invoice values in Navision 4.0 SP3

Hi All,

I want to post invoice with rounding off in all corresponding G/L accounts, customer accounts etc. like my invoice tax amount = 123.56 and total amount = 456.63 but i want to round it like this tax amount = 124.00 and total amount = 457.00

So i have done some setups as mentioned below :-

Finance Managemnt - > General ledger setup →

Invoiceing rounding Precision = 1.0

Invoice Rounding Type = Nearest.

Sales & receivalbles setup → Invoice rounding = yes

And then i assign rounding off GL No. in Customer Posting Group as below :-

Customer Posting Group → Invoice Rounding Account = 56322514

but at the time of F9 on sale order to check statistics or posting invoice it is showing error like :-

Item No. ‘56322514’ does not exist.

but it is GL a/c no not a item.

Pls tell me where i am doing wrong to post the invoice with rounding off values.

Well it sounds like it thinks the account is an item. Are you sure you don’t have the account no. as a line item on the sales order?
Otherwise then I would advise to try to run it with the debugger, and then see exactly where it fails.