Rounding Issues on Transfer orders AX 2012

Could we have some more details please?

Hi Adam,

I am seeing this issue in many posts this days where only title is updated when users posts a new query and body part is blank.

Not sure if this is some technical issue and should be reported to webmaster.


Hi Pranav

It has been reported to Erik, basically it is a combination of IE and Windows. Any non-IE browser works fine. I believe it is responsible for quite a drop in posts.

OK, re-posting this using Chrome:

In AX 2012 R2, we have an error posting transfer orders. We are getting extremely small rounding errors ( 0.0022), and the error message is:

Error in unit of amount in currency NZD. Must be rounded to 0.01

The unit of 0.00??? NZD is being posted to account ???— is outside the currency penny rounding threshold.

All our rounding differences are correctly set to 0.01, and we have the parameter limits set up in GL.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?



Thanks Adam for the reply. SO the microsoft tenhnologies (Win 8 and IE) are contradicting each other… another bug. [H]

Steve - Are you importing the values from a csv file in system. This error comes when at the Sql level amount is not rounded to two digits. If you look at Sql level, you will see the amount as in error message.

If you have imported data, i will suggest to delete the amount in TO, update data in csv and re-import it else, delete that particular line, save the data in TO, re-enter data manually and save it.

Hope this helps.