Rounding Issue upon apply to payment / cash receipt Journal

Hi All,
I have one question about rounding issue
I applied my payment journal from vendor ledger entries in both Foreign Currency (different exchange rate)
both are fully applied to my payment journal

in NAV, the amount is the same
Even though it’s fully applied, and the remaining amount is 0
but it still remain open (Vendor Ledger Entry)
if i check from backend because there is a 0.0001 difference
for example in NAV :Invoice is 100, Payment 100

but check from SQL : Invoice is 100 and payment is 100.00001

any idea how to solve this problem?

Hi Stan,

Not seen you for a long time? How are you ? [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

If I was you, then just like with first aid, then first you should stop the accident. Meaning find out how come you have this entry. It sounds like something has not been rounded correctly when posted.
So do you have any customization’s which could be the reason for this.

When you have fixed the problem, then you need to fix the data. While the easiest way would be just to change the wrong entry, then that is NOT THE WAY.

You need to find all entries which has been effected by this, and fix the full transactions if possible.

Hi Erik,

I am good… how are u ? hehehe…

actually there is no customization at all

I am using Nav 2017 AU version (CU 03) and another one used NAV 2016 AU version as well

I have these 2 customers with the same error…

both are use standard nav feature… at first I also not sure why this happened

once i checked from backend (SQL Server data) then no choice i have to patch it manually