Rounding in salesLine price field

I need to show 5 decimal places in the price field in sales line, purch line and item master (sales tab). I created new EDTs with 5 decimal places to replace the salesLine.SalesPrice and InventTableModule.Price field. But as soon as the sales line is created. The value in SalesPrice field is rounded off to 2 decimals. For eg value in Item master is 10.12345 but on sales line it is displayed as 10.12000. The last 3 digits are gone.

I have heard multiple approaches till now from various posts/blogs.

  1. To change the NoOfDecimals property to 5 on RealBase EDT effectively changing the Amount field across the application. I do not want to do this.

  2. Changing the rounding rule at GL>Setup>Currency>Rounding rules. The fields are not editable.

  3. I changed the EDT to 5 decimals for PriceDiscTable.Amount field. But no help. I guess the SalesPrice in my case is not flowing from Trade Agreements.

Anything i am overlooking/missing?