rounding causing error when posting disposal of asset

I get an error when disposing a fixed asset in the Fixed Asset G/L journal. The error is "Amount 2,785.26409 needs to be rounded in G/L Entry Entry No. =‘939582’. I suspect the 5 decimal places got in there when I was using a dataport to populate the journal in previous depreciation etries. However, I only see 2 decimal places when I look at the Fixed Asset ledger entries. I also tried another dataport with 5 decimal places to correct this but the dataport dropped the extra decimal places and the error didn’t change. Any ideas on why this is occuring and how it could be worked around? Right now Im stuck with disposed of fixed assets on my fixed asset schedule.

Hi Jeremiah ,

Try this

Go to the FA G/L Journal

Remove the Amount

Reenter it

If this doesn’y work, upload a photo of the error, journal entry, General Ledger setup

I’ll try to find a solution

Best Regards,


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