Rotate label on form (90°)

Hello, does anybody know whether it is possible to rotate objects (labels, textboxes etc.) on a form? If yes, how?

Hello Markus I recently did this on site for a specified label printer through 180°, however I accomplished this through the printer settings themselves (after installing the relevant driver), rather than in Navision (I was printing on envelopes and the feed would crumple the envelope one way so we rotated the image 180°) - naturally this did not affect anything else the printer was used for. If it is 90° you may have to associate it with a tray or something, I am unsure if this is possible be designing or coding the form.

It is not possible. Only for indicators you have a choise (prop “Orientation”), that comes close - but I guess that this is not a very useful info…

Thanks guys, but it’s not really a solution. Maybe in GREEN it will work one day [:D]

I just uploaded a dll that will do the trick. It can create bitmaps for BLOBS which can be shown on forms/reports. It was uploaded to MIBUSO. Hopefully it will be available soon.