Roll Back to a Previous Version ax2012 morphx


I just found one element of a node has been deleted in MorphX so is’t displaying in ax2012

whene i go to model AccountsReceivable i can’i see main menu common some thing in ax2012 client

whate i m looking for is there a way to roll back previous version of ax2012 and previous configuration of AOT in morphx

thank you

Where do you have the previous version? In version control? As exported models / model store? As model store database backup?


I want to thank you for your answer and I’ve not understood you:

what i want is roll back to the standard in ax2012 (restore) i d’t have a menu ‘common’ of model “AccountsReceivable” displaying in menu node “AccountsReceivable” maybe it is deleted

How can’ i restore it?

Thank you

Do you mean deleting all customizations? Simply uninstall all modified models (+ compile/CIL/sync).


Thank you very much for your quick reply,and can you explain me how can i make it step by step?

And if i do this solution ,What is its effect on the whole

Best regards.

How to: Remove (Uninstall) a Model