RoleTailored software

Hi Guru,

Where can I donwload the RoleTailored software?

Is the RoleTailored 's software license free or I need to purchase?



Hello Edwin,

Role Tailored is a part of NAV2009 Installation DVD/ package.

When you do installation, it gives various options to install and RTC is a part of this installation.

You need to purchase it, its granule ID is 9100 and price depends upon location etc. I think its price is about 625 USD.

Hello Dhan,

When I installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Setup, I did not see Role Tailored option.

Thanks for your kind information.

I will try to figure it out :slight_smile:



Theh WHICH product your’e speaking about? Navision or Dynamics CRM? These are two different products…

Hi Modris,

The Microsoft Dynamics 2009.

What are the differences Navision and Dynamics? I’m not sure about those.


Microsoft Dynamics has 4 products: Ax, NAV, GP, SL and may be CRM also.

Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft DynamicsSL

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

so which one are you using?

Microsoft Dynamics AX .

Thanks for your good information :slight_smile:


What Raj wrote in his first answer, is regarding MS Dynamics NAV only – I write full name here not to mix something again – if you have MS Dynamics AX, then question should be posted in AX forum.

As I know next to nothing about AX, I can’t answer you, but I moved your post to corresponding forum, where AX specialists will be able to answer you. Actually I myself don’t even know, if AX has RTC at all by now [:$]