Roles problems

[:(] Hi! I want to make two different roles. 1. I made two different user ID in database (User ID-SUPER, Name-SUPER) and (User ID-IGOR, Name-IGOR) 2. then i choose SUPER (User-ID) and pressed Roles button. 3. then in Roles window I inserted (Roles ID) SUPER, (Role Name) Thie role has alll permission, (COmpany) Cronus Hrvatska d.o.o. 4. And after that I got a Warning message AT LEAST 1 USER MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE ‘SUPER’ GROUP IN ALL COMPANIES. Where did I make mistake?[V][:I]

You don’t need to select company for at least 1 SUPER user!

Yup… if you set on a role for a user a company, then you’re restricting that user permissions to that specific company (so it’s just a superuser on that specific company, but not in others). Just remove the company from the SUPER user and it will give you no errors. Regards,

I did what did you tell me, but then in Roles window I inserted (Roles ID) SUPER, (Role Name) This role has all permission, and for (User ID-IGOR, Name-IGOR)in Roles window (Roles ID) MAIN MENU, (Role Name)general ledger. And now I get message YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO RUN THE MAIN MENU FORM THANKS, AGAIN!

hi select all user permission as well. if u want to further restrict access then make changes to ALL user or make new one with some set of permissions of ALL user. Hope that will solve uer problem. Regards, RAjesh

Igor, that error is because none of the roles you’ve included for user ‘IGOR’ is having permission to execute form 330 (you can set specific permissions to execute specific forms or you can setup the user to be able of execute all forms (form 0 on permissions)). Regards,

Thanks a lot everybody!!!