Roles & Permissions

I am comparing the roles and permissions from different European countries.

There are expected country/region differences.

There are also unexpected differences.

Does anyone have access to a definitive set of roles and permissions for a worldwide edition of 3.70(B) and 4.01/4.02/4.03?

Please point me in the right direction.

Hi Jonathan

You can download the worldwide versions of Navision from partnersource.

Navision 3.70.B

NAV 4.0 SP1

NAV 4.0 SP2

NAV 4.0 SP3




Thanks for your response.

Sadly I do not have access to Partner Source.

I work for a (fast growing) end-user: do you grant access to the Partner Source for your (trusted) clients?



I think I might have some of the database. I will have a look tomorrow and let you know what I find.




I have the 4.0 SP1 and SP3 W1 database and I can copy the roles and permission to an excel sheet for you.



Why do you need a new set of roles & permissions? What’s wrong with the current setup of roles and permission for your database?

We are an American Corporation working within SARBOX controls. We manage our EMEA ‘estate’ in the UK and we need to demonstrate consistent control of user access in seven databases, with three versions of Navision operating for six countries.

So far, we have found: no upgrade of roles / permissions with version upgrades; empty roles / permissions; missing roles and missing permissions from standard sets.

Not to mention the errors in 4.xx where security synchronisation can only be executed by a user with SUPER role.


That would be greatly appreciated - please forward to my work e-mail.


Your email is not public and I can’t attach files when I send emails from Send me an email & I will reply with the Excel file.



If you have MSDN (I am not sure which version) then you should be able to down load from your download area.