Roles / Permissions

Hi all.

Am interested in hiding some modules in the menusiute for specific users. Say like i want my user see sales & marketing and Financial management sections only. How do i do this.


press tools==> navigation pane designer

right click on the menu and choose assign users

then you can select or deselect a menu for a certain user.

if you mean remove some forms from within a menu, you can do that through roles and permissions.

Wounderful. It has worked for the part of hiding some modules by assigning users to the module.

But now i wonder how to hide a certain form of a module. This because i understand that role ALL must be selected to give a user access to modules in navision.

plz advice on this.

the role “All” gives access to basic forms that are required to login, but user will not be able to see any form.

you have to give him roles that enable him to see forms.

i meant to basic tables