Roles and permission


Could somebody help me,

One user have ‘All’ permission and ‘Accounting’(i have created it - for example doesn’t have permission to insert or delete vendor) non of role have the TableData with ID=0 and all permissions YES

Although for this user I just put these two roles and i have done synchronization too , user can do everything again.

two weeks ago worked very well an one day doesn’t work, i think that has nothing to do with roles because when i remove the Role ‘ALL’ it works again and it would not be okay to work without Role"ALL"

My Client has created a group of users in Navision and for all user accounts that are in this group’s - role is not working

I tested the same roles for another user (it is Administrator -db.owner at company) and roles worked

Can be a problem of synchronization, or what.

Plese tell me what to do, client is waiting for me…

Hi Nita,

What version of NAV are you using and are you using the Extended Security Model?