Role Tailored Client - Server Connection Issue

Hi All,

We have installed MS Dynamics - NAV 2009, here is the details

  1. NAV 2009 (Development Environment Option) on one machine - (Machine Name - M1).
  2. SQL Server 2005 SP2 Server on one machine - (Machine Name - M2).
  3. Role Tailored Client on one machine - (Machine Name - M3).
    NAV 2009 Server is running under windows domain account, we also created one domain user in Sql Server 2005 with all required permission for NAV database. When we start Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server, it is running properly and we are able to access demo company. When we start Role Tailored Client (M3) and try to connect to NAV Server (M1), it is not connecting and giving below error.
  • No execute permission on object number: 2000000073 of type: Table

Can anybody please help to solve this problem.


Hi Asim,

This is Nitin here, I think you should once check your license whether is it right or have all the permission to exeute the particular table.

If you have a proper license then upload it direct to the SQL server

From Tools> License Information > Choose Upload button