Role Tailored Client connectivity error...

Having installed the three tiers on two computers i.e server and client computer… I had no issues connecting through the classic client but the RTC fails to connect and generates the following error:

"The Microsost Dynamics NAV Server cannot connect the Change Listener to the SQL Server due to the following error: Cannot open Demo Database NAv (6-0) requested by the login. The login failed for user NT-AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE…"

I logged in as a domain user and tried to troubleshoot with the available documentation but did not get through with this. Pls I need help urgently…

Hello Banwo,

Welcome to Dynamics User Group.

For resolving this issue, you need to create a user for [Domain Name\Computer name], computer name should be  in SQL Server Management Studio.
Execute the following code in SQL Server Management Studion, query awriter:

CREATE LOGIN [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*] FROM WINDOWS;
CREATE USER [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*] FOR LOGIN [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*];
CREATE SCHEMA [$ndo$navlistener] AUTHORIZATION [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*]; // This line may give error, if so delete this line and continue with others
ALTER USER [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = [$ndo$navlistener];
GRANT SELECT ON [*ReplaceWithYourDatabaseName*].[**Object Tracking**] TO [*ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*];

Note that *ReplaceWithNAVServerAccount*] is DomainName\ComputerName on which NAV Server is installed. 

Thanks Bansal, i’ll give a shot at it tommorrow. Cheers[:)]