Role Centre Configuration not happening...


I am facing problems in configuring role centre here. Will explain the scenario in detail…

Am working directly on the server on which

I have installed ssrs-reporting extensions/tools/analysis extensions//workflow/BC also installed and its been configured to AOS A with roll up 5

Also i have installed another AOS B with roll up 6 …now am trying to install role centre with ep framework.

Installed sharepoint services/ site created by default with port 80

It got installed successfully using the same site and by default its configured to AOS A but my intenion was to configure to AOS B.-- i dint get any option to choose the instance while running the set up…

Tho still there are some issues in regards to role centre in AOS A in processing cube-- coz when ever i login-- in role centre some parts i get “reporting services error”… is it beacuse cubes are not processed??

Also i would like to know how can i configure the role cente to AOS B??

Am i missing anything in set up part or anything regard to license…

According to my knowledge till date is that role centre comes with base package…

please correct if am wrong and also suggest me solutions.

Thanks in advance but please do help me in getting out of this problem.

any quick help would be really appreciated.

Hi Shon,

You need to install the EP & role center again and make sure that if you want to install on the AOS B then it must be active in the client configuration utility.

In order to remove the SSRS error,all the cubes must be processed.For other error information please check the eventviewer & let me know.


Errors are related to cube issues and Kerberos it sounds like. Make sure Kerberos is configured correctly and you will need to perform the cube cleanup process as well, which is a pretty long, tedious, and can be difficult. Installing role centers with Kerberos is no easy task, so be prepared for a struggle. There are many steps that need to be performed.


Cube cleanup:

Hi Vinay,

Thanks for the response.

But here , i have already installed EP and role centre nd its been configures A.

So if am installing again… I ll have to create a new site and do i need to uninstall the current one??

You don’t need to uninstall the AOS A EP rather firstly you need to create a new site in WSS then install the EP for AOS B(it should be active in the configuration utility) on that site.Moreover if you want to configure EP with two different AX instances on the same server then visit the following link:


Hi All,

Finally i have been successful in installing EP and SSRS and also configured Role centre.

BuT in most of the role centre, i have problems-- Like errors – Reporting services error!!

Also when i try to open reports from EP site-- It also leads to Reporting services Error??

What exacly the reason?? does it have anything to do with cubes/license??

coz when i pull the reports directly from SSRS site-- report is coming fine.

Also i try to process the cubes-- but in vain-- none of them is getting processed – ERROR-

Dimension/Tables/measure group error— in case of dimensions-- Most of it remains locked—again is it a part of licensing issues??

Please put forward ur suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Need suggestions./…

Please read my post again…this is the answer to your question. I mention here that you didn’t perform the cube cleanup process.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response.I had read your post very clearly on the first place and since in my case, all the applications ,sql server and everything are on same server only so its not reqd to go with kerberos authentication and anyways its been made off from the initial stage as we are not using it here.

And in regard to cleaning of cubes, as mentioned please go through my post i am facing challenges in cleaning the cubes.

Take the eg :Dimenions,Customers,vendors/warehouses— when i open it through visula studio to clean it, am reaching no where, all this remains locked and thats why i doubt is it a part of licensing??

Basically i need to knw whether licensing has got to do anything wth it??

please suggest.


I use SQL Server BIDS to clean the cubes and I have never experienced what you mention. Also when cubes are modified through VS and BIDS, you should be able to modify without any locking issue. Are you following ‘Configure Default cubes’ white paper?

Hi Harish,

am following the default cubes pdf and crossref.xls excel sheet also but

Am getting the following errors, when i process the dimensions like customers/vendors/items/warehouses.

All the tables related to each dimensions are running fine and there is no problem with atributes also in dimension level.

can you please tell me where am i goin wrong or am in missing something…

Thanks in advance…

all suggestions are appreciated,


Looking at the screen shot, the line starting with ‘OLE DB error…’ indicates an issue with a table. If you double click on the line you may get more detailed error message. Can you clear them first?

Before you make any changes to OLAP database, I recommend to take a backup of the whole OLAP database. Conceptually OLAP DB is similar like SQL DB. To take a backup, do backup and restore.

Hi Harish,

Thanks for the response,

as said its assocaited with tables custtable/vendtatle/inventtable/inventlocation for the dimensions customers/vendors/items/warehouses respectively.

As per the error it directs to fields but based on the default cubes pdf i have cleared it from table level.

Is thier anything i need to do apart from this?? and how to clear it??

also tell me from where i can take OLAP backup…

please suggest.

Thanks in advance

When you install analysis extensions, it merely deploys a pre-built OLAP DB. When you open BIDS and import it, you’ve downloaded that structure into a local project. If you backup that project, I believe that would be an adequate backup. Alternatively…if you’re just starting the cube cleanup process…a backup might not be necessary, because if you mess up, you only need to delete the “Dynamics AX” OLAP database, reinstall analysis extensions, then reimport, to get back to a fresh set of cubes to configure. Up to you.

The best thing to do is have SQL Management Studio open side-by-side with BIDS. When you are modifying objects, just copy the entire query out of BIDS into SQL management studio and run it against your AX OLTP database. Correct the errors there and then copy/paste the fixed query back into BIDS.

Note, out of the box, there are errors with the cubes that need fixed. I remember seeing CustTable.CustTable stuff where they somehow accidentally repeated objects.

adding to above post:

in case of customer dimension : the detailed error:

OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Invalid column name ‘PAYMIDTYPE’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘PAYMIDTYPE’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘ENTERPRISENUMBER’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘FORECASTDMPINCLUDE’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘FISCALCODE’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘EINVOICEEANNUM’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘TAXBORDERNUMBER_FI’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘FACTORINGACCOUNT’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘PAYMIDTYPE’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘ORGID’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘COMPANYIDNAF’.; 42S22; Invalid column name ‘COMPANYIDSIRET’.; 42S22.

all the mentioned fields has been removed from the cust table query and when i run the query at cust table level it works fine.

same case with all other dimensions and tables.

am getting no clue on what to do…!!

am stuck…

please suggest.


If you receive this error, even after you cleaned the artifacts indicates that changes are not getting saved correctly.

How you are modifying the cube? And where did you get this error from?

Wait…where are you processing the cubes at? Are you deploying back to the SSAS server? Or are you making changes in BIDS and then saving, then going to SQL Management Studio and trying to process.

Hi Alex/Harish

Right now, am follwing the steps based on the default cubes paper and am working on SQL-BIDS

  1. I completed cleaing of tables whichver came up as warning in log after sync OLAP DB in ax- admin-setup and all tables are running fine without errors

  2. Now am tring to process the dimenions,

When i do that am getting the above errors for customers/vendors/items/warehouses…

Beacuse of this processing of cubes is not happening…

Please suggest.


Phew!!! finally i processed all cubes.

Steps i did:

  1. Created new project

  2. As per default cubes , cleaned the tables first-- ran successfully the queries

3)Processed the dimensions–

Here i was facing problem and was getting the above errors.

for that for all the invalid columns it was pointing to— with the related tables

Went to ax-aot- tables- related tables- Removed the EDT and Configuration keys from the all the invalid/field properties.

All the invalid columns were not related to my localisation and confuration keys too.

  1. removed the invalid measures

  2. Proccess all the cubes

6)Deployed the project.

Thank you all for the support.