role Center - home page - graphical representation of reports

Hi Frnds,

I’m new to EP & role center in Ax.

I want to create pictorial representation (like graph, etc) for reports in home page of the role center.

I tried creating cues, links but this is not a pictorial representation.

How to do that. Please help me to do that.




in essence: the little graphs and pie charts in Role Center are actually tiny SSRS reports. These are kind of reports that don’t require any parameter input or they have default values for parameters.


Thanks Janis for your quick reply. Can u pls explain me… how to do that.

Do you know what is the SSRS report and where to find them in AX?

I think SSRS reports will be listed under report libraries.

If we are talking about AX2009 version, then yes. These libraries contain SSRS reports. As are you modifying the Role Center page, you can add a so called report web part to the web page. For every report webpart you can choose one SSRS report that you wish to be shown in this part of the role center.

So the workflow is following:

  • create a small graph or pie SSRS report (a report with just one element, no titles or anything else), test it from AX

  • add a report webpart to the desired role center into the desired location of the page

-choose your newly created report as a property for the report webpart



Thanks for you details.

I have a doubt. Is it possible to use the ssrs report, which is created by VS business intelligents.

if Yes, pls explain… how?

Yes, it is possible and this is the way I’ve been creating new graph and pie indicators for role centers in AX 2009 and AX 2012. But as I mentioned before, if you want to have it the right way then:

  1. these reports should be relatively tiny (unless you want your whole role center to be a huge report). I am talking about reports that have just one graph/pie element and have no header/footer.

  2. They should have no parameters or at least parameters with some default values. As soon as you open the report, it should start running immediately, there shouldn’t be a situation where user has to enter something before the report starts running.

I don’t want to explain now how to create an SSRS report, because I won’t pretend that I could squeeze a huge topic worth month of training into a one forum post. [;)]

Although it is quite easy to create s simple SSRS report, sometimes it involves just few drag&drop actions (create a new report, drag in the necessary data source, drag a chart element onto design, test and deploy).


I have created one small ssrs report in VS business intelligence. that is stored in my system.

How can i map this with Ax home page of role center

Please advise

Is this SSRS report using any AX datasource? If you have all the necessary tools installed, you should be able to push the report to appear into AX AOT… as long as it is not in AOT, you can’t use it properly in role center, because you need an AX report with an AX menu item for it.

As you have created your report in VS BI , right click the report and you may get an option as “Deploy to AOD” . Click that option and you may get your report in your AX’s AOT.

Hi Lalit,

Thanks for your information. We tried to do that. But in Visual studio business interlligence we didnt find that option ‘Deploy to AOT’

Please help

I think the function was actually called “Add to AOT”… In any case, if you don’t see it - you haven’t installed reporting extensions OR they have been installed improperly.