Role Center creation in NAV2015

Hi all,
I am very new to in this group , Hope you all doing well . My query is related to Navision(2015) .We have implemented 2015 very recently . My concern is about the role center.

How can we set up proper role based profile in Navision system? As Department menu is visible for all the users they can see each modules[Finance , Sales ,Purchase , HR … etc] in the system . We have to restrict users from accessing menus/Modules other than they are handling .

Can anyone Please let me know?

You can assign users to roles by accessing ‘User Personalization’ from the search box. Here you assign a Profile ID which is linked to a role (page). The roles are pages and are numbered in the 9000 range and can be accessed from the object designer.

Some of the roles may be usable as is, some you may want to customize. The customize a role, you will modify the page itself using the object designer. I like to copy an existing role and modify the copied role rather than modify a role directly.

Removing the departments menu is a very good thing, security-wise. Users will not see or be able to search for items not on their role. It is important that you do put everything they need on their role before you remove the departments menu. Otherwise, they may not be able to perform vital job duties.

I wrote a blog on roles in general here.…/the-importance-of-roles-in-microsoft-dynamics-nav

Removing the departments menu was covered in this forum earlier here:…/50464

Thank You Don Saito for your quick reply . I have assigned profile id for the users .
Can we restrict users from accessing the modules through permission setup other than removing department menu?

Hi Siddique,
Yes you can. If you have removed their permissions, then the modules the users don’t have access to is not shown.

But you need to change the NAV service (NST).
There is a setting here (General Settings - UI Elements Removal) that you need to set to “LicenseFileAndUserPermissions”.