Role Center Charts by date


I want to make a chart where in the X axis i will pass then YEAR of Posting Date, in the Z axis the MONTH of Posting Date and in the Y Axis the Amount column. How can I make this chart? or it was not possible?

Client No. --> I want the YEAR - date2dmy("Posting Date",3) --> I want the MONTH - date2dmy("Posting Date",2)

Second Question

How can I filter the chart on Posting date from ‘0101’ + YEAR - N to ‘31-12’ + Year of Workdate?

010108..w --> I Want '0101' + format(date2dmy(workdate,3) - 5) + '..3112' + format(date2dmy(workdate,3))

Where can I get all the comands available for this charts?