Role based permissions

I am using NAV 2009 SP1 on sql 2008 R2. I have set up role based permissions over the last few months and adding users to these roles a few per week. For some reason all users that log in this afternoon their permissions are not populating. for example i had a user that was able to run a report this morning but she logged out and logged back in about 1 oclock and the permissions do not seem to be there. The permissions error is “you do not have access to the xyz table”, now i know this user was able to access this table this morning AND i can see the permission in the role that is assigned to he user,. I tested on a user that has been logged in since 8 am this morning had her click on some normal forms and then i said ok now exit nav and log back in… the user was restricted from the tables that they just had access 2. i am trying to understand what could be going on, is there a way to see if there is something gummed up in NAV? if i add the super role and then have the user log out and log back in they do not have the permission problem. but if i add the table to any role they receive the error that they do not have permissions to that table… any ideas would be greatly appreciated i am very familiar with the you do not have access to view the xyz table and adding this table to the role but i believe something else is going on here

Hi Sean, what Security Model are you using?

We have been using standard security for a few months now. When i was digging into this issue (ran a red gate DB compare)i noticed that the role buffer table was dropped for all my companies and the non clustered index on the permissions table $1(unique, Non-Clustered) was missing (WEIRD)

I added the index back in to the system and recreated the tables that were missing. is there ANY way an index and tables can be dropped from NAV?

Like i said some how using super user the users are able to have no problems, the issue is using role based permissions.

More specifically, you do not have access to RUN the xyz table

I have synced all log ins and this is happening on every user that logs in past a certain time, there must have been some type of change

Kindly check the indirect permission on table

This is occurring on All 90% of the tables , I do not understand how checking indirect on the all the tables would effect the permissions that have been working for weeks , and I do not understand how the buffer tables for all the companies could have been deleted

What do you mean by Buffer table?

Company $ Role buffer table

although there was no data in the role buffer table in my working test environment from a bak a few days ago or my broken live environment from this afternoon

Do you mean 2000000004 - User Role?

Its not a buffer table, its system table.

and it cannot be automatically deleted, some one must have deleted manually or via program

Please check in Change Log if you have already activated.

negative table 50702, using NAV 2009 SP1

50702 is Customer range…it will not be available in base database.

so its purly your customization…

crap, yea 50000 range! Ok so i guess my second question is how can an index on the permissions table be deleted through NAV?

so really the only way to get to the bottom of this is to talk to our Microsoft Partner since the table in question is not a base NAV table and it is a customized table. thanks for the help!!