RMA order invoice posting

I have a strange issue when posting an invoice on a return order. I get error “Qty X cannot be picked because only -1.00 is/are available from the inventory”.

The item has no physical available stock and the disposition code on the line is “credit” so there should be no inventory changes.

Investigating the code, it looks like it is creating a negative inventory transaction of stock back into physical available then testing against it to see if we have any physical available (more than 0). This is fine if you had stock, the negative would be absorbed by the positive and the test would pass. Because there is no physical available stock of this item the test fails (during the testing of the physical available qty the invent sum record isn’t actually committed yet which might be my issue).

I have two questions on this,

  1. Has anyone come across this before? (I have seen one or two unanswered posts about the place but always unanswered)

  2. Does anyone have a thought on where the code processes against the disposition codes? i cant find anywhere where it uses the code to affect what transactions it does.

The item model group will be configured with picking requirements set I would guess. If you use credit only you would not book it in, yet the invoice check would still (presumably) be performed and obey the item model group setting.

I guess check the picking requirements on the item model group for invoicing. Then if you did not want to book it in and write it off you would need to customize the code for invoicing sales orders of the type return order to ignore the picking requirements - which it should do anyway given the ability to credit only.

Not configured or checked this, just responding with thoughts :slight_smile: