RM Destination error in Dynamics NAV 2016

Hi - One of our customer is getting the below error when they get out of NAV and then try to go back in and they are on NAV 2016. This is the first time they are getting this error. Any help in resolving this issue is highly appreciated. Thanks Regards S.


Seems, you’ve reached the maximum number of connections your server accepts. In NAV Administration mmc snap-in, this is the parameter “Max Concurrent Connections”. Or the same in the CustomSettings.config file

Default value is 500, but probably it is set too low in your server settings.

It’s also a good idea to add up some additional sessions to this number. The error in this screenshot does not fire immediately when the maximum number of connections is reached. When all connections are busy, new users attempting to connect will be waiting for an available session. And only when the number of simultaneous waiting sessions reaches some threshold (which is defined by the WCF settings), the server will throw this error.

Many Thanks Alexander, your help is truly appreciated.