Ristorno on item - adjust item cost

A supplier sends at year-end a creditnote with a ristorno on the volume purchased during the year.
How can this be booked in Dynamics Nav so this is reflected in a reduction of the item cost?

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Use Item Charges to post

Use of Charge(Item) is best way to handle.

Create a Purchase Credit Memo for the vendor.
On the purchase line enter Type = Charge(Item) and the Item Charge code in the No. You m,ay need to add a new Item Charge if you haven’t used these before.
Enter quantity = 1 and the unit cost would be the amount of the rebate (ristorno).
Click on the line and then click Line/Item Charge Assignment from the menu.
When the next page opens, click on Get Receipt Lines. This will open a page allowing you to select all the receipts for the vendor for which the rebate applies.
After selecting, then click on Suggest Item Charge Assignment. This will allow you to allocate the charge across the selected receipts based on quantity, amount, or weight (or you can manually assign the costs).
Once the full Charge(Item) is assigned, you can return to the purchase credit memo and post it. You can then apply the cash receipt to the vendor credit.

I’m assuming that your adjust cost process runs either automatically or nightly via the job queue. Note that depending on the number of receipts you selected to assign the charge to and the number of sales posted against those receipts, the adjust cost routine may take some time to run. The adjust cost will first update the inventory cost for the receipts selected and then push those updated costs to any inventory or outbound (sales) entries posted for the items.

Good luck and let us know if you have further questions.

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o reflect the reduction of item cost due to a credit note with a ristorno, you can follow these steps in Dynamics NAV:

  1. Create a Purchase Credit Memo for the supplier.
  2. Enter the item and quantity that the ristorno applies to.
  3. Enter a negative amount in the Amount field on the Purchase Credit Memo Line to reflect the amount of the ristorno.
  4. Apply the credit memo to the original purchase invoice for the item by using the Apply Entries function.
  5. When the credit memo is applied, it will reduce the cost of the item for the specific purchase.

Please note that it is important to keep track of the ristorno amount separately from the item cost in case of audit or future reference.

I hope this helps!

This will reduce the outstanding purchase invoice amount for the purchase of the item. it will not reduce the item’s cost. The item will be taken out of inventory at the same cost it was acquired at.

This will reduce the item qty if using type item!!