RIM 2.0 Portuguese Local Setup Data

RIM 2.0 Portuguese Local Setup Data has a new release. This update has made in 23/2/2006.

Download can be made from https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/worldwide/portugal/rim2localsetupdatapt.htm?printpage=false

Well there are some of us who don’t have access to PartnerSource! [:’(]

Its legal do upload RIM data to this web site? If it’s legal I can make upload it.
Strangely still are some VAT issues that existed in previous RIM Portuguese data. [:(]

Legal? Can you run it without a license? If yes, then I would say I would not do it, unless it say it can be freely distributed. If you need your NAV license to run it, then I would say it’s just as you can download i.e. the Navision clients on MSDN (or at some other NAV community site [;)])…


download is here http://dynamicsuser.net/files/folders/nav_official/entry85010.aspx