Rich Text Format Functionality

Dear friends, I have’t seen any information regarding Rich Text format in the Navision Developer Forum. I don’t know how to approach to solve this problem.We are in the process of developing a message board where Rich Text Format is very important. I can’t go in the line of OCX concepts as Navision doesn’t supports Graphical OCX’s. Is there any information regarding RTF functionality to decide my working direction.Please put ur advices and information (if u have any)to take up this task from scratch… With Regards, Raja Sekhar Venumala

Navision is really oriented to HTML. Having said that, I remember once converting a number fo reports to RTF format for a client, it was either early Financials (ver 1.1), or late Navision (3.55). In any case it was not a big job, and the results were pretty good.