Ribbon Customization

Dear All,

I am trying to remove Drop Shipment action from Req. Worksheet(Page ID 291).

Following steps i have done

  1. In page design i set the property False of the action.
  2. In page design i remove the actions.
  3. In page option customize ribbon i remove the Drop Shipment option

But found no solution. When i click on restore default on the customize ribbon Drop Shipment icon display in the page.

Please suggest any solution.


Himanshu Kumar

Open RTC in Configaration Mode and remove from pageā€¦

Hi Mohana,

Same problem found with purchase order subform.

I have set the visibility false of some fields but it appears while running the purchase order form.



dear Himanshu kumar,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

Thank you.