RG 23D


There is a report Avail Excise Credit in excise reporting in navision 2009 .

In the report two options are available RG23A,RG23C

I want to include RG23D,what is the way of achieving it.

or is there any other report which provides avilable excise credit for rg23D

In RG 23D there is no need of claiming credit as it passes on the sales invoice.

Why you require such a functionality???

The client says that he will raise his sales invoice based on the amouont of ed he has paid for each purchase

He needs a report for that

Since Avail Excise Credit report gives u a picture of the above scenario we were searching for a solution

In NAV 4.0 SP3 HF1 onwards the functionality of RG 23 D has been built in NAV which will match your inward movement excise with the outward excise. Standard report and tables exist in the application. You can have a look on the user manual in HF1 of NAV 4.0 SP3