RFQ Report AX2012

When i am printing the RFQ report on SSRS it opens the report viewer but it displays the line.

There are no matching records.

Please if any one face the same issue do share so that i can come up with this problem.

Which RFQ report from where?

from this path

TestCompany/Procurement and sourcing/Common/Requests for quotations/All requests for quotations

It opens the viewer but with the message.

There are no matching records.

That is a list of RFQ’s - it is not a report - when you get to this list, what do you do then?

After this i select the RFQ and then click the send button and it opens the report viewer.

That is still not a report [:D]

Okay so in your RFQ you presumably have a line, in the editing of this line there is a vendors fast tab - what is in there? It should list all of your vendors on the RFQ. The Send then lists the defined vendors to send them the details. It would seem to me you have defined an RFQ with an item but no vendors.