RFQ in Purchase Requisition Work Flow


I have been Trying to Complete the Purchase Requisiton with the Help of RFQ, But It’s not Happening,

Is anyone has Complete Process of Purchase Requisiotion Starting From PR Submit, RFQ, Approval ,and Automatic / Manual Purchase Order.

Also is it necessary to Add Vendor Name While Creating an Submitting purchase Requisition as it is Possible that User can not have Vendor Selected at the time of Purchase Requisition.

Please Help as the Matter is Very urgent.

Thank You.

It is Done, It is Very easy Process…


Hai Nirav,

I would appreciate if you post the solution.



Sure , I am Making Document for it and i will Post it Very Soon.


That would be great!!


Above is a Link for the Complete Cycle for Purchase Requisition Including R F Q and Work Flow Configuration.

If Need More help, You can Call me Up.


would you please tell me the process of purch Requisition?

when I try to configured workflow in server user is “Admin” in that user have administrator privileges. in that server i configure workflow to assign the Approve permission to my user then i log on to my system(in this Ax Client) to open Purch Requisition in that select “assigned to me” there is no requisition.but i select “my direct report” in the lookup shown all requisition. i unable to understand where i wrong in the approval process…