RFQ - For the suppliers who are not listed in the vendor master

Hi Guys,

I have a requirement like this: An organization goes for a open Tender for the Purchasing needs. So, it has to send the RFQs to the suppliers who are not available in the vendor master. we can not add all the suppliers as the vendor master size increases unnecessarily where we do the business only with 1 vendor out of 100 who have sent their quotations.

I know that there is no straight forward functionality available in AX but wanted to hear different thoughts on how can we achieve this without customization or ofcourse less customization.

Create a generic vendor for unknown vendors.

But while adding the vendors to the RFQ, i can not select the same vendor account multiple times right.

It would be great if you can elaborate on this [:)]

I have not come across the requirement, generally customers only engage with vendors that have gone through quality and credit appraisals so they are accepted and listed, if you want to obtain quotes without a vendor you need a generic vendor to apply the quote to, so creqte 10 generic vendors to cover the likelihood of requesting a quote from 10 separate vendors, but this will create complications later in teh process.

My client is a public procurement organization which will go for open tender which invites the bids from the multiple suppliers in the market.

To have a generic vendor to be created and used i have problem in adding him in the RFQ form. In vendor tab, i want to see the total no.of vendors from whom i am requesting the quotations from and need the provision to record the replies.

Thanks for involving in the thought process in Adam, i think we can achieve it only with the customization :slight_smile:

Customisation is the obvious question but if you have 10 generic vendors you can still add multiple vendors and record responses, the issue is that it is a generic vendor that can be used across multiple RFQ when in fact they are not the same vendor.