RFID blog post from Navision team blog

“RFID technology simply put will someday become just as universal as barcodes are today bringing fully automated inventory management, asset tracking, retail checkouts benefits for all of us as consumers, retailers, distributors, shippers, manufacturers, suppliers, shippers or any other entity in the…”

I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but in reading the blog post on the front page, I have to ask, if they acknowledge that the use of Barcodes is universal today, and RFID will be soon, then why is barcode integration nothing but an after thought in Navision now. I mean really, to get barcodes generated in Navision, you have to use third party tools and try to create them yourselves, then to actually use them you have to implement ADCS, which is not for the faint of heart.

Most of the info I have read on this forum is that you are better off paying a solution center to custom program your barcode solution. Are we supposed to believe RFID will be any better?

Just a small rant, but who is using barcoding today and thinks Microsoft put any thought into it for Navision and based on the barcode support in Navision now, would you possibly buy an RFID system from Microsoft, or would you instead look to a custom solution ?