RF-ID Solutions in Navision Financials

We’d like to implement a Barcode system in our company with Navision Financials. The results must be: A better Stock control Less administrative actions Can anyone give me some tips en points of attention or some standard solutions. Thanks in advance, Jacco Dijkslag

The better you can do is asking your NSC for a solution. In fact, Barcode’s working with navision is just (in a really simple explanation) having a barcode reader and using well defined rules on the data insertion. Printing barcodes is just using a normal report and changing the font to a barcode one (more or less… depending of the barcode you’ve to add * before and after the texts). Text read from the barcodes with the barcodes’ reader is to the computer as normal keyboard input, so the only problem is having configured your forms to read in a proper order/way the information from the barcodes. Regards, – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain Western Computer Los Angeles, California

Thank you for the information mister Pertierra. We’d like to use a scanner with RFID and that is a little bit more complicated. The reason is that you can send information to the screen of your terminal and the computer must recieve information of the terminal. And that is the problem. What are the best scanners, which of these scanners are easy to integrate with Navision. Jacco Dijkslag

Hi, The following text comes from Navision’s announcement of Navision Attain. Quote - start With this functionality, it is possible to use hand-held bar coding devices to interface with all Teklogix radio frequency devices. Warehouse personnel can put away items more easily, pick items and count items during a physical inventory. This granule is expected to be available with the release of 3.05, planned for the end of this year. Quote-end I don’t know if this helps you. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S www.columbusitpartner.com

Hi - I am currently working with a US company finalizing the implementation of AD. Some of the AD will be standard in Attain 3.01. And then the remaining in 3.05. We currently use the Teklogix barcodescanners. Ower all we use 25 - 30 of them in the three warehouses doing what Lars just described. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

A quick update on this 4 years old thread for those still interested in RFID : http://www.us.tectura.com/Page/cm37/Press_releases_37.asp?d=1&NewsID=53