Rework production order with variants

Suppose I had a production order for a product that had a variant dimension for “Color”. I release the production order to produce this product with a color of say “Yellow”. While I’m half way through the production process I have a QC step to check the color match. The QC department says I need to change the color to “Orange” to better match the base materials. Since the color “Orange” is a different variant it will become a different product. Do I end the original production order short and move the “Yellow” product to inventory with a status of say “Rework”. Then open a new production order for the “Orange” variant and strip the bom/route out of the production order and recreate a new bom/route that calls for the"Yellow" variant as a component?

Any help on this matter would be useful. Especially how to manage costs (standard cost).

Split the production order. This will leave the original to move on with the Yellow quantity and the new order will be “Released” you can set the variant to Orange, start it and continue with the rest of the order.