Revival of the Large Account Group

Dear members,

Ever since the site was moved from this forum has not been enabled.

But now it’s here again. If you want it. Let me hear from you please. Otherwise I will archive this forum.

Should I take this as nobody want it anymore?

It looks like nobody want to have it.

Do we have “large accounts” using ?

Hey Walter, off topic I know, but can you use to link to the site. (with the “S”) at the end is an alias, and it helps search engine if we all use the same name. (I know this because for ages I was also using instead of

I cannot “edit” my post to correct my spelling mistake" anymore because somebody “has limited the time to edit a post”. I have to contact a “moderator”! Go ahead, guys, and remove this “s”.

Hey Walter, You can always edit your own posts. You just have to write what you changed. At least that’s the intention.

Actually no, it seems to be forum specific, but on some forums, its not possible to edit after some time, even as moderator.

Thank you, David. When I read Erik’s post I thought I was just stupid.