Review of Firebrand UK training for Dynamics NAV 2013

Hello There,

I was considering updating my skills for NAV 2013,
and I was wondering if anyone has done the 8 days intensive training at Firebrand UK training centre.

  • How qualified was the trainer ?

As you might have guessed I don’t want to end up in a training where the trainer know less about NAV than me and is just reading through the PDF Dancing

Insights anyone ?

So Long,
// Tarek

If you are a partner or a customer you can always find helpful documents on both partner / customer source, under training & certification.

Hi Manish,

And what does that have to do with a question which asks about specific experience or knowledge about Firebranding UK’s NAV 2013 courses?? I bet you cannot find this on either the Partnersource or Customersource websites.Please read the questions before answering. [:)]

Anyone else, if you know Firebranding in the UK, then please answer.

Have a great day!

Upgrading NAV 2013 skills was the base question.

And that too in firebrand uk training centre.

There 's no Firebranding UK’s NAV 2013 courses any were in the question.

Hi Manish,

Not to get into a debate here, but please read the post again. There was only one question in that post:

"How qualified was the trainer ?"

Everything else was just comments in that connection. Tarek has been a member and moderator of this site for 13 years and knows Navision in and out, also that basic information about NAV 2013 is available on Partnersource. He just want’s to how the trainers are at Firebranding,