Reversing Sales Invoice Entries

Hello Everyone

I have issue regarding posted sales invoice which my client wants to correct the posted sales invoice. I advise them to reverse the posted SI through the credit memo but there’s a problem since the entries will be corrected, the amount will be credited to customer and inventories will be added back in the warehouse (major problem).

We will just want to correct or reverse SI and credited to customer but no effect to inventory.

Is there other way to reverse or correct SI?

Is there anyone to advise me what should I do.

what if you make CM using lines as GL, and use your AR GL account no.?

CM with Items will reverse everything, including Inventory, but when you create & post the correct SI, everything will be OK again. Please search for STORNO, I have repeatedly explained here, how to do this not affecting the turnovers in accounts, if the problem is there.

CM with GLAccs can create a mess in costing - remember, NEVER post directly to Inventory accounts, it MUST be disabled in CoA level, as it is straight way to jeopardizing costing calculations!!!

Hi Ivan,

I am also looking for the same solution and searched with word STORNO , i could not find any posts related to the above solution.

Could you please explain again.

Well, word storno is of Italian origin, search results returned sooo many results from Italian forum that my post was lost… [:O]

there are more - try as searchphrase storno AND user:modric

i agree.
what i wrote:

But if you really want to undo the shipment as well, you might consider using the Sales Return Order.