Reversing picking list journal entry is not reversing the cost in Production

Hello there,

I have a situation - one of the item in my production order is posted incorrectly and to correct this, I created another picking journal line for the same item with batch number and posted negative quantity against that production order. However, the AX Costing report “Cost estimate and Costing” does not deduct that items cost from the Costing > Total cost amount column therefore, my actual cost of the production remains the same even with the negative quantity posting through picking journal.

I know that I can reset the whole prouction order, but logically it does not make sense to reset status for my production order that has 40 item lines and includes few sub-contracting jobs and 15+ lines of routes and operations.

Is reseting status the only way to resolve? There has to be a way to post negative and show that negative entry into the costing report.

Can anyone offer me a way out. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Do not look at the report, look at the production postings. If the production postings are correct then you have a report issue, so you need to get the report to work but this is a completely differnet issue to a costing one.

Thanks Adam for clarifications. Here is what I saw, the jurnal entries with negative qty are posted in the system. The Cost Estimates and Costings report still does not get updated with negative entries when the Production order is at “Reported as Finisthed” status. However, when the production order is Ended, the adjustment DOES show in the Cost Estimates and Costings report.

May be this is how the report was designed to work but, it does seem wiered because at the Reported as finished status the costing report should represent the true cost of production.

Anyway, that is my findings in this issues.