reverse transaction from general ledger entries show same transaction no to all branches proplem

Hi guys I attach data from more branches in same database .then after few days i make wrong post to banks account then

i go to function -reverse from general ledger enteries then i see all transaction with same no from all branches show when i make to reverse this transaction no from chart of account-net balance-general ledger i show only transactions that related to entry i need to reverse


Entry no transaction no document no

12223 1238 MA-CR-12-12-00036

when i select this entry then make function reverse this result show

transaction no document no

1238 MA-CR-12-12-00036

1238 RA-C-12-12-00197 another branch

1238 PRL-13-03-022 another branch

why it show all branches as above how it must show only

this entry

1238 MA-CR-12-12-00036

i asked now can i do that

How I control in properties of transaction no to prevent this from display or show


Make filter to show only document no related how

I don’t know


i found in the reverse entry form in open form trigger this code

ReversalEntry.SetReverseFilter(“Transaction No.”,“Reversal Type”);

when i add document no in place of transaction no it give me error " you cannot make conversion integer :=code"

and are this will solve the proplem

I create new function as setreversefilter1 as following :

I change Transaction No to Document No

SetReverseFilter1(Number : Code[50];RevType : ‘Transaction,Register’)
IF RevType = RevType::Transaction THEN BEGIN
GLEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
CustLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
VendLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
BankAccLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
FALedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
MaintenanceLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
VATEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“Document No.”);
GLEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
CustLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
VendLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
BankAccLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
FALedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
MaintenanceLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
VATEntry.SETRANGE(“Document No.”,Number);
GLEntry.SETRANGE(“Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
CustLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
VendLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
BankAccLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
FALedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“G/L Entry No.”);
FALedgEntry.SETRANGE(“G/L Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
MaintenanceLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY(“G/L Entry No.”);
MaintenanceLedgEntry.SETRANGE(“G/L Entry No.”,GLReg.“From Entry No.”,GLReg.“To Entry No.”);
VATEntry.SETRANGE(“Entry No.”,GLReg.“From VAT Entry No.”,GLReg.“To VAT Entry No.”);


ReversalEntry.SetReverseFilter1(“Document No.”,“Reversal Type”);

error not show but also not show specified document how i do that.

What i need is to when i select document no from g/l entry table(general ledger entries form) then make function - reverse transaction show to me document no only i selected not show to me more document numbers not related how i make this by coding.