Reverse the Production from Project

Hi All

Can i reverse the production order which is created from the project. Or is there the procedure or work around to do so.

Thanks in advance.

If it is ended and you have pushed all costs etc. I would guess not, if it is not ended you could try walking backwards through the reset status process taking it to created and then deleting it.

It is ended, i guess i have to pass the item journal with negative quantity and through the movement journal reduce the finish goods inventory and increase the raw material used in the production.

Yes you would need to do that.


Instead of passing negative movement journal for FG item, Better you can try report as finished option with negative value.



Once the status is ended you cannot do this.


yes, we can’t do report as finished once the production order status ended, but we should do it from product information management under Engineer tab, directly as BOM ‘report as finished’ with negative values, Instead of passing movement journals for FG & RMs separately.



Thanks KP for your reply and Adam for confirming the suggestion