Reverse the Counting voucher of Item

Hi All

i have increase the count of item by adjustment through Item counting/counting. Now how can i reverse the counting voucher of this item.


Once posted it is l;ike any other journal, to reverse create a new one for the reversing quantity.

mean create another by the negative same quantity

The counting journal is different, you enter the counted quantity, you could however just load a profit and loss for the negative amount, same impact.

You can even use the counting journal for doing the same.

The counting journal is used to adjust the stock (+/-) when compared to the physical stock available…

As per my knowledge counting journal is use for adjustment. one more thing i want to know, when we enter some amount or u can say i am adjusting the quantity of an item like i have an inventory of 5 qty and i want total of 8 qty.So by Counting journal i will add 3 or total of 8.As i know whn u pass this journal your on hand qty will become zero and get updated by the value of which you pass the voucher.

No it will post the equivalent of a profit journal for 3, post one and look.