Reverse GL Exchange adjustment

Is there a way to reverse the automatic journal posted by Axapta when the exchange adjustment process has been used for the General Ledger? Axapta 3.0. Thanks, Vilma

Hi Vilma, you can try to track the number sequence (voucher) that is automatically created for the Ledger-Exchange Adjustment. Then try to inquiry the ledger transaction with the prefix for that ledger-Exchange adjustment which match with the posting date for the Exchange adjustment you’ve created before. When you already find the voucher number, use GL to void the voucher. This will only reverse the last Exchange adjustment, but not reverse it to the first original transaction. I hope it will solve your problems. regards, mijoka

Any other solutuon in Ax 2009 ?

Any other solution in Ax 2009 ?

Which is not correct way . [N]

The GL exchange adjustments are the simplest compared with the AR/AP modules.

I suggest you to use the SQL profiler to get sure which tables are used when
EA on GL is runnung and then all you need to do is:

  1. delete all the records from LedgerTrans with the voucher number comming
    from the EA process

  2. recalculate periode balances

I don’t think there are some other affected tables on GL EA process,

I got also suggested by some guys to do a job that update exchange rates
with negative sign in exchange rate and then run EA process again,

but I never tried it