Reverse entry for a payment journal with TDS.

Dear All,

We have a created a vendor payment journal with TDS, the record was supposed to be posted on 3rd Dec’11 but by mistake got posted on 7th Dec’11. Can anyone guide us how the pass the reverse entry for the record.


What was the payment mode? If its cheque, than you can reverse cheque or you have the option to reverse the transaction from vendor transaction.

Hi Pranav kumar,

Thanks for the update, we didn’t setup any payment mode for automatic cheque, it’s manual. Will the TDS amount get’s reversed if we reverse the transaction from vendor transaction, please let me know.

Ya, if you are able to reverse the transaction from vendor transaction, than that is a better option and it will reverse the complete voucher.

Also, a word of caution here, remember that after the voucher reversal, make sure that the adjustment entry has also been updated in indtdstranstable (i am not sure, till 4.0 this was the table name) because this table is used to generate TDS related reports like Form 16 and 16A. Thats why i am not suggesting you to make manual correction entry in the system.

Hi Pranav,

Unable to reverse the entry from vendor transactions, if we click on the REVERSE TRANSACTION button, a message “The ledger transaction type for account XXXXXXX cannot be reversed.”

Hi Sarvanan…

its long time for this post but Did you find any solution on this? i am facing same issue