Reverse Consolidations in 3.6

Hello there, Navision Gurus, I need to have a function to automatically reverse consolidations in Nav 3.60, similar to one in Oracle Fin, has anyone done this or can anyone assist me on this. Thanks in anticipation A. 1.604.719.3454

Not really sure what you want here. Are you after an Add-On that does this? In that case post a question in the Add-On forum. Are you after a best practices method of doing the reversal? In which case, post a general question in theImplementations methods forum. Here you should post an outline of what the process is that you want to do. Keep inmind that whilst there are ex Oracle users out there, the vast majority of users have not used Oracle, so please describe the issue in Navision terms. Or have you started coding somehting and tried to copuy paste Oracle functionality into Navision, and it does not work. In that case, post in the developers forum, and explain what code you have written, and where you need help. You will get help, but you do need to ask a specific fundtion in the correct forum. Of course you caould get lucky, and there could be someone on the forum, that knows exactly what you want.