Reverse charge percentage RCM not calculate , in GST India

Thought to share with you to check below points if you faced that RCM is not working .

If Reverse charge percentage not calculated in “Tax document” . In this case ur using invoice journal


(1) Go to invoice journal → lines → select vendor , enter all details → click on “Tax information” in header → click on GST tab → select your SAC code in term for service or create a new SAC code.

(2) go to GL->setup->VAT–>India → Tax setup

Click on setup profile → choose company → create configuration or if exists click on “setup in companies tab”

CLick on reverse charge percentage of CGST, SGST and IGST


In “conditions tab” create line and choose HSC or SAC code with desired percentage.

Review percentage in all CGST,SGST,IGST.

close the form.

Check status of "Tax setup profile is active.

now check Invoice journal for RCM entry → Tax Document → click on “Recalculate” , system have issue in refresh rate , AX shows old data continually till user click on Recalculate.